A Simple Project for a BIG God


In January of 2020, I bought a Cricut, much to my husband’s dismay.  My first few projects I found online and replicated. Then one Sunday I was sitting in Church and they sang the song Way Maker.  While we were singing, I got an idea for a craft.

Now you need to remember what I just said.  Up until this time, no one called me crafty or creative. However, using this new Cricut machine hooked me on crafting. I came up with this first project on my own, with the inspiration from God and this song.

Another inspiration for this craft is a devotional, that at the time was bouncing in my head about the attributes of God. Since then I have written that devotional. You can find it here.

I went home that afternoon and started sketching what I wanted this craft to look like.  What to do next, I wasn’t sure, but kept working anyway. Once the idea got on paper, I put it into the design program for my Cricut. The first steps are complete.


So what was this idea that sprang to my mind as we sang along at church that Sunday?  A simple image with the words MY GOD and THAT IS WHO YOU ARE surrounding many words that describe who He is.  Beginning with words from the song and then adding in more that are meaningful to me, the design came to fruition. Finally, I added symbols to fill in spaces.

The idea was coming along nicely and I couldn’t believe that I was doing this.  Making my own design to print out on my new machine. The hardest part (at that time)?  Choosing the different fonts to use in the project. I wanted every word to have a different font so they all stood out.  Do you know how many different fonts are out there?  

Finally the project was complete in the program.  Now to print it out and put it on something. Again, this was a simple project in my mind. I decided to put the vinyl I printed out on the glass of a picture frame with colored paper behind it. That’s it.  


Now, there was another challenging aspect to this project.  If you have ever worked with vinyl then you know about weeding.  Weeding is where you remove the vinyl that you do not want: the excess around the words in this case.  Oh my goodness, this was a headache at times. It goes back to the fonts I choose. Fonts that are skinny, are not fun to weed in my opinion.  I persevered and finished the project.  

The next step is to very carefully place the printed vinyl on the glass of the picture frame.   The obstacle here, another challenge to overcome, is getting it straight and centered. I’m sure I will learn better techniques as I continue to make more projects like this.  But who wants perfection? It reminded me that He still loves me even when I’m not perfect. That’s good, because when am I?  


As I stated earlier, I am new to crafting, but caught on quickly.  My mission team and I made other crafts that were recreated from other’s examples to sell to raise money for our upcoming mission trip.  The other crafts we made I felt were much higher quality than my little design on a picture frame. I made two of them for the craft sale and to be honest, was shocked when they both sold for $15 each.  

I have to give God all the glory for this craft.  It was His idea he gave me. Words describing Him were all over it.  How thankful I am that he used me to bless others with this simple project.  

It is sometimes the little things that we do when glorifying Him that turns into a big thing.  We serve a Big God! A lesson I learned is that nothing is too small for Him. How could you glorify God through a craft?  What would you make?

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