Falling Asleep in the Father’s Arms

Remember when you were a kid and your mom or dad would rock you to sleep?  Or maybe you were the parent and your child fell asleep in your arms. Did that put a smile on your face?  Knowing

you are loved by someone so special is what we all long for.  

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

For years, I struggled to fall asleep at night, at times I still do. Laying there, I would start to pray and then all of a sudden the next thing I knew, it w

as morning.  I didn’t remember falling asleep and I am sure that I did not finish praying. The feeling of failure was not far from my mind. I didn’t mean to be rude to God, that I couldn’t stay awake to finish our conversation and even decided I shouldn’t pray at that time.

Then I remembered that image of falling asleep in my parent’s arms.  That feeling of being wrapped in those protective, loving arms. Now, that is how I want to fall asleep every night.  Wrapped in the loving arms of my heavenly father as I praise him.  

Psalm 103:1 “Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name.”

Psalm 105:1 “Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done.”

My prayer habits changed because I didn’t want to fall asleep as I was praying for my children or family and friends, so that time is spent earlier in the day when I can be focused on those prayers.  But now, as I lay down to sleep, and my mind is racing with all the other things that are competing for my attention, I start to pray. Actually, I PRAISE!!!

Psalm 145:3 “Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom.”

Psalm 34:1 “I will bless the LORD at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth.”

ABC Praise

I call it the ABC praise.  I start at the letter A and think of all the words that describe God to me that start with that letter.  And I praise him for being those things in my life. Some nights, I get through the entire alphabet. Yes – all the way to Z.  But most nights, I can’t make it to G. I fall asleep in my father’s arms and sleep peacefully, waking refreshed the next morning as I praise Him.  Now, let’s be honest. No, I don’t do this every night (even though I probably should), but it has been a blessing to me especially when I am stressing over something.  

I will share some words that describe Him to me right now, and I encourage you to comment and share some with me.  Here are just some of the words that come to mind at this moment.  

My prayer:  “God you are…” 

A – abundant, abba, all powerful

B – beautiful, bountiful

C – caring, comforter, counselor

D – deliverer, my desire

E – everything, extravagant

F – faithful, father, freeing

G – good, God, great

H – healer, holy, heavenly

I – incomparable, I AM 

J – just, judge

K – kind, King

L – Lord, love

M – miracle worker, majesty


N – new every day, never ending

O  – only one, omniscient

P – promise keeper, peace

Q – quiet voice

R – real, refuge

S – Savior, sovereign

T – truth, true

U – understanding, unequalled

V – victorious, vine

W – wholly mine, worthy

X – extra (as close as I could get)

Y – young, Yahweh

Z – zoo keeper (got from a friend), zealous

He is worthy of our praise! 

For me, it is remembering that He is worthy of my praise instead of focusing on me and my thoughts, worries, or concerns. It is a time to focus on who HE is and who He is to me.  

Isaiah 25:1 “LORD, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.”

Psalm 150:6 “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD.”

Psalm 63:3-4 “Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.  I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name I will lift up my hands.”

How do you praise our heavenly father?  I am always ready to learn new ways to Praise my God.  Share below, either more words to describe HIM or how you praise HIM.  I can’t wait to hear what he is saying to you. 

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